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Since starting our company 20 years ago, the experts at Assurity Title have worked with property owners, buyers, and sellers to make a successful real estate closing. Our agency offers a broad spectrum of title services that span Tampa, as well as the state of Florida. When you work with Assurity Title, you will experience the difference we make in easing your mind before closing on a new investment.

Whether you need title searches or insurance and legal document preparation, we can help you with your next real estate transaction.

We provide the following title services:

  • Residential and commercial closings
  • Escrow services
  • FSBO
  • Title searches
  • Title insurance
  • Legal document preparation

Whether you are ready to start the process of title services and closing or only have a question, our experts are always available to help.

Residential and Commercial Closings

Assurity Title works with both residential and commercial real estate properties. We are familiar with the nuances that exist in the title processes and insurance requirements of each type of transaction. No property is too small or complex, and our professional agents ensure that you are aware of everything before and after the close.

Escrow Services

We offer neutral, professional, and ethical escrow services that protect the interests and wishes of all applicable parties when closing a deal. Usually, escrow providers hold documents and deeds and execute the transaction as per the requirements of both parties.


FSBO, or For Sale by Owner services, are just some of the ways our title company helps facilitate the transaction process of your property. Usually, both the buyer and seller choose the title company jointly, which ensures that they are both happy with the process and final results of the transaction.

Title Searches

We specialize in title searches to trace the property’s legal history and current standing. These searches are to ensure that there are no hidden issues that can put the new owner at risk. We search for liens and make sure that no potential claims exist with the property before the sale. By tracing legal ownership of each transaction, a clear picture of your property’s history and existing issues emerges.

Title Insurance

Perhaps among the most critical services of any title company is insurance after you go ahead with the close. The title insurance helps protect you if someone claims your new property later. Having title insurance means that you receive assurance that you won’t have any legal issues down the line if a problem does arise.

Legal Document Preparation

We take care of the legal document preparation on your real estate property. Since we work with countless property owners, we have a thorough understanding of Tampa and statewide regulations and ensure that you have the proper legal documents ready once you agree to the transaction.

We facilitate the process of purchasing and selling real estate by giving you trustworthy, factual, and relevant information. We want to help you make the best decision before selling or buying the property. At Assurity Title, you’ll always work with a team of professionals that treat you like a member of our family. Let us help you make a fast and smooth close on your property.

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