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As leaders in the title services industry, we’ve built the experience and relationships that set us apart from other title companies. Our client list is as vibrant and diverse as the cities we service in Florida. Whether you are a realtor, lender, or consumer, we help you with our full-spectrum title service and negotiation processes.

Our team is here when the time comes to make a close on a residential or commercial property. With our two decades of experience, we’ve built a reputation of integrity and trust, making sure to put our clients first. We handle each case with urgency and care, making sure that every aspect that relates to a property’s title is secure and transparent.

We understand the unique requirements and specifications that you’re looking for before closing a property. Our reputation for excellence and integrity, in addition to our transparent title search process, allows you to settle with peace of mind. Even after the closing, we are always available to help if any issues arise.


Realtors are in positions of trust and must uphold high standards that distinguish them from other agents. Our company provides seamless and professional escrow services to place your mind at ease. We work with Realtors to determine the title history of a home or business space.

At Assurity Title, your clients won’t be met with surprise claims after closing, and we minimize the likelihood of mishaps happening.


If you are in the process of closing a real estate property, you don’t have to tackle the process alone. Regardless of the complexity and history of your title, we have the experience to help clarify title issues and lien limitations for consumers and all other applicable parties.

Our goal is to improve the process of selling or buying a property by offering transparent, clear information about a property’s history. When you work with our experts at Assurity Title, you’ll be part of the process by having full disclosure on the previous transaction trail of the property and making sure the title is clear before closing.


Given the precarious nature of the real estate market nowadays, lenders are finding themselves in a tough position. With our expert title services that cover a wide range of transactions and negotiations, we work to minimize your risk.

We offer expert escrow services, fill out the necessary legal paperwork, and ensure you thoroughly understand the situation of borrowers before you commit to anything. In the event of refinancing, we help you by giving an accurate report of financial hardship and the state of its title.

With a commitment to integrity and transparency, we strive to keep you comfortable throughout the negotiation and closing process. We understand that the decision to buy, sell, or lend to a borrower has a myriad of complications. Title services should not be an additional burden. With over two decades of experience serving statewide and local Tampa residents, we care about our customers and dedicate ourselves to providing a smooth and seamless transition process.

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