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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings

Real estate title transactions differ depending on whether the real estate property is residential or commercial. Given that the decision to buy or sell a property is usually a significant investment, you need a team of professionals to help. At Assurity Title, we ensure that all parts of residential and commercial real estate closings run smoothly.

The most important members of a real estate team understand the laws regarding the differences between property types and assess your risk. An excellent Realtor and Title company clarify all issues that exist on the property. They help you make a sound decision before you commit and invest.

At Assurity Title, we help you with the transition and closing processes of commercial and residential properties. Since each type of property differs in the legalities, finances, and insurance requirements to settle the deal, our experts are here to clarify every step. Before deciding to close on a property on your own, contact one of our experts at Assurity Title.

Residential Properties

The process involving residential properties is not as clear-cut as it may seem when it comes to real estate requirements. Depending on the number of units and how many people will live there, everything factors in the close. At Assurity Title, we help future homeowners with title searches on the property they want to buy. We determine whether there are existing issues and if any pre-existing conditions exist that affect the closing of the home.

Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, the intent behind a closing is to use the space for business or investment. Different laws govern their use, and there may be underlying issues on a property that evade notice until it’s time to close. Having a team of experts like a real estate agent and a title company representative is an invaluable asset to ensure that you avoid these mishaps. Realtors and title companies know the ins-and-outs of a property and if any issues exist with its title.

How We Help

Before you decide on a close, contact one of our experts at Assurity Title. We make sure that all is clear in terms of your title chain and advise you if there are potential obstacles. When you get title insurance on a commercial property, you receive protection if, later on, something comes up with any rights to the title.

Although you may be perfectly capable of making a close without help, having specialists by your side is like a second pair of eyes. We offer title insurance but also make sure that you never have to worry about previous liens or dubious transfer trails. We trace every title transaction and find out the necessary information to protect all the parties involved.

With our two decades of experience working with commercial and residential real estate sales, we make sure that your closing process is comfortable and transparent. Contact us today for an overview of our services. Call Assurity Title for help with your residential or commercial real estate closings.

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