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Mail Away Closings

Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to attend a real estate closing, and remote closings are becoming increasingly popular. The inability to be there is no longer an issue with mail-away closings. With this type of service, we mail the formal documents to your address wherever you are in the United States.

Mail-away closings are the best option when circumstances arise that prevent you from being physically present. A notary collects the documents, and the process ends seamlessly without additional work on your end. Despite the ease of sending mail away closings, some inspections should be done onsite by a party you trust before buying or selling a property.

Before you decide to agree to close, make sure that you take the right precautions as a buyer or seller. Make sure that the property has a clean title, and that there are no hidden issues that will affect the process.

Onsite Evaluation

If you are unable to be present when you are looking into buying a property, look into hiring a realtor or agent to help. These agents work in your best interest, and their job is to identify issues that property owners are hesitant to disclose. Additionally, agents are professionals and know what to look for without having to ask questions.

Agents may also use the services of a title company to check the record of the previous transactions. With the right information, you’ll make a better investment choice and identify risks before they become significant issues. With an onsite evaluation by a party you trust, you can proceed with the mail-away closing process without fear of future claims or problems on the property.

After the evaluation, you will be made aware of any issues and given the chance to negotiate a deal. You can be present during this process through a video or phone call. It is essential that you discuss and agree on all terms before sending out the documents and signing them.

Mail Away Closing Process

Once your agent determines that the property and its title are adequate, it is time to prepare the legal documents to transfer the property. It is best to have a real estate attorney review these documents. An attorney will ensure that all terms are legal and agreed upon by all applicable parties.

Although the mail-away closing process is relatively simple, you can take some steps to expedite it. For example, if the property involves a mortgage agreement, it may take more time to prepare the necessary documents.

For the smoothest transaction, always ensure that there is a transparent communication process, and all terms are clear. Additionally, coordinate correctly and ensure that every party is available for questions once they receive the documents.

At Assurity Title, we facilitate the process by providing precise and accurate information about a property’s title history. We also draft the necessary legal documents for title insurance and make sure all parties receive correct information to make the right decisions before and during the closing.

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